Warmly welcome Egypt friend visit our factory


The customer reach Zhengzhou by train,so we waiting for him on Zhengzhou railway station.Then we by the Zhengzhou Metro to Xiliuhu Station.Last we take the customer to our factory by car.

This is a very interest,funny and honest big boss,who usually visit China do business.In our showroom,there are 20 different rides are in stock.

In order to check our fiberglass,we take him to visit our fiberglass paint and baking room.

Then he check our polish room.Besides he invite our workers take photos with him.

Once he check our fiberglass room,he start to check our workshop.He check the steel we use,the metal structure of the carousel,train,tagada and other products and give a high praise to our factory.

After check all our products,we are back to the office and take a lot of the information.The customer says that I have check so many different company says that they are the direct factory,once they come to there,they could not have factory.Some factries are not like your factory.Your factory is the best factory I check in China.

At last, we have dinner together.